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About the Band

As one fan enthused upon seeing the second live performance of The Very - "I know you all have been around for a long time but I swear - you are the freshest thing out there!"  

How did this happen?  

Where did this band come from and where have they been all your life?

In 2014 the erstwhile Boston-based band Fertile Virgin were asked to reunite as part of the WMBR Pipeline 25th Anniversary series of concerts.  Three of the original five members of Fertile Virgin reconnected after some 20+ years and took to the stage once again in that nostalgic event celebrating Boston's rich musical legacy of local bands.  "Why ever did we stop doing this?" the women wondered, and so - they continued.  Writing and playing new songs as a guitar/bass duo called Cricket.  Rose Defiant (Julie Kantner) and Baby Woman (Donna Sartanowicz) continued to evolve their sound for a new time and circumstance.  In the Summer of 2016 they were rejoined by their drummer, Lady Paprika (Leslie Boisset-Dell'Elce) who locked in that beat and solidified their signature sound.  Old MoB friend Clint Conley christened them The Very and after a year of live performances they recorded their first EP: "Perfumed Apocalypse."  Upon hearing the recording for the first time another fan wrote: "This reminds me so much of the tunes I used to live on in the 80s and 90s when pop music was cool and relevant and smart - amazing!"

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