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Julie Kantner -Guitar/

Julie has been a musician, singer, and songwriter in a variety of bands including Fertile Virgin, Twig, The Turtlenecks and a band she works with concurrently with The Very called Uranium Daughters.  Uranium Daughter's latest EP is Half Magic. Additionally she enjoys producing music videos for her projects, as well as others. 

Donna Sartanowicz - Bass/Vocals

Donna was a founding member of the band Fertile Virgin - in the years between that band and The Very, Donna has been working as a high school art teacher in the Boston area. Along with The Very, Donna performs with her husband mandolinist Jimmy Ryan in their duo project The Nocturnal Adoration Society.

Leslie Boisset-Dell'Elce - Drums/Vocals

Leslie, a founding member of Fertile Virgin, is trained in voiceover techniques and singing. She splits her time between drumming and singing.

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